Let’s Talk Shrooms

Ok not those kind you filthy animal. I’m a mom now. I’m talking about the kind of shrooms that you can sautéed, cook up, and make you not only a hearty chef at home, but a healing chef. Seeing all those different kinds of mushrooms at the market can be pretty daunting. Let me give you the simple and easy run down of the mushrooms you will find at the store!

White Button

The beginners mushroom. This is the easier mushroom to start with and then you can work your way up. This looks like your typical “mushroom” with a small bell cap. Always cook in a high heat with lots of good healthy fat to brown and crisp them up! I love using avocado oil to really get them to a great, desirable taste and texture.


Are you familiar with the ever so popular portobello mushroom? Well these are just young portobello’s! You can use these the same way you use buttons, but these are just a step up. They hold more nutritional value. I love to mix these with herbs and add to beans or salads. These really help you pack that additional nutritional punch to your dish!


This was actually the first mushroom that I started cooking with. Vegans and vegetarians usually find this to be the “meatiest” and most hearty kind of mushroom. This mushroom is a great substitute to make burger with at home due to its rich taste and dense texture. Cook and season these like a steak and you might not miss having a slab of red meat on your average at home burger patty!


Also referred to as “hen of the woods,” these mushrooms grow at the base of trees and have a rich and woodsy taste. You can toss these with rice, sauté with your favorite leafy greens, or roast. These will make the perfect healthy side dish to any meal!


This is the perfect mushroom to add to an Asian-inspired dish. These chewy, umbrella shaped mushrooms are very savory and soak up any seasoning or flavor impeccably. I love to mix these with coconut aminos or soy-free (gluten free) teriyaki sauce. They work wonderfully in a stir fry dish or a miso-noodle soup. Don’t forget to add greens for extra nutrient density!


These wonderful and beautiful mushrooms have a mild and nutty flavor. These are very similar to Shiitake mushrooms despite their fan-like appearance. I like to give these a good pan fry for that extra crispy edge. Cook up with zucchini or spinach or add to any stir fry style dish. These are guaranteed to add extra crunch or crisp to your home style dish.


Ok. These are rare. Don’t think you are crazy if you have never worked with these mushrooms because they are hard to come by! I have only used these mushrooms dried and had to rehydrate these puppies myself. These are delicious and meaty, they are worth the extra step. But for the average, everyday home mama chef, these aren’t always attainable. No worries! If you come across them, cook these in some high quality grass fed butter/ ghee or add to any pasta, risotto, or polenta dish!

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