My Top 3 Baby Superfoods

There are many foods and superfoods you can incorporate in your baby’s diet when you start introducing first foods. I am going to give you a quick list and rundown of my top 3. These are all easily accessible, easy to feed baby, and have incredible health benefits! Here are my top 3 superfood picks that my son eats almost everyday!

1. Fresh, Organic Pastured Egg

The quality of your eggs matter most. Soy and corn fed hens in captivity are high in un-heart-healthy omega-6 fats. On the contrary, eggs from pastured chickens contain inflammation-fighting omega-3s, vitamin A, more beta-carotene, and more brain- building long-chain fatty acids that support mental development and sharp vision! Egg yolks provide the “perfect protein” for babies. This makes good quality eggs one of my top picks for baby superfoods!

2. Organic Avocado

Avocados are a great source of monounsaturated fats and contain the enzyme lipase, which predigests the avocado’s fat as it ripens. This is great for your baby’s developing digestive system!

3. Bone Broth

We all knew this one was coming! I am one of the biggest bone broth advocates on the planet. Research and studies have shown for decades just how powerful and healing bone broth is. Not only do I drink bone broth, but so does my baby! Bone broth is filled with minerals that help stimulate and support digestion. It is also great for building immunity and fighting inflammation! Check out my Bone Broth blog post for my recipe and additional nutrition information!

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