Self Care

Advice from someone who knew more about how to self destruct then the act of self care. What comes to mind when you think of what self care is? Perhaps taking a bubble bath, maybe scheduling a massage, or even popping in at a yoga class. What do all self care acts have in common? You take time out of your busy schedule to do something, for yourself. But why does this sometimes feel so self-ish. We hold an overwhelming amount of guilt around something that should be routine but society tells us it makes us weak. Oh the world we live in. Where men can’t cry or a woman can’t be seen out at a bar without being deemed a negligent mother. (Insert one of your friends saying’ “like, go home and take care of your kid”). Let me teach you all something I learned a long time ago that I hope sticks with you. You can do 1000 things right, but people will judge you by the one thing you did wrong. AND THAT IS THEIR PROBLEM, NOT YOURS. Never, and I mean NEVER, apologize for your humanness. We must take care of ourselves in order to heal and grow. You can’t be a good mother, lover, friend, sister, brother, coworker, etc if you don’t have the energy to give. This post is to tell you that you are worthy and deserving of a break. No matter what it looks like. Sometimes when I’m overwhelmed I go upstairs and sit on my bed and just breathe. I focus on myself. I pay attention to my breath. That is self care. And sometimes I just need to go to Target for an hour all by myself and leave my phone in the car (Target makes everything better). That is ALSO self care. Not what Pinterest and all of these memes convince you it is. Self care is for yourself. So do what you have to do to refresh and steal your energy back. Whether it’s a coffee run, cooking up your favorite recipe, listening to a podcast, or going to Art Basel, just do it. This is your story.

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