Hurt People, Hurt People

It’s hard to say exactly what led me to this part of my life. How things ended up this way. How I got here. I was never much of a believer in “fate” or maybe I just never put much thought into it. Things get put into perspective for you. One day you blink. You’re sitting outside. The wind is blowing. The sun is shining on your face. You’re holding something so precious. Maybe you are feeling so precious. Grateful. Thankful. Just to be breathing. You never really noticed before this moment how good it feels to just breathe. You realize it was fate that led you here. You were hurt. Hurt by people that were hurt. It’s a vicious cycle of mistreatment due to unhealed wounds. Don’t cry. They don’t know any better. After all this is how we were raised. Traumas subconsciously coming to light- Perhaps from childhood. We can’t explain why we are this way but we throw in the towel and say “it’s too late to change” or “this is just who I am”. This, I tell you now, is a poor excuse. Run from the people who tell you they can’t change their story. Each day is a new chance and a profound opportunity for growth, understanding, and change. Make the next step- take the next step. Heal yourself. Hurt people, hurt people. Don’t hurt me anymore

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