Why I got rid of my Keurig

Three words. Plastic. Aluminum. Mold.

Oh my. Three reasons why I began my search for a better way to make my morning cup of coffee and leave my Keurig behind. I know this post might break your heart (I was sad to let mine go too) but my new method is so much better and since the switch, I can confidently say I will NEVER go back! Let me break this down for you.


Keurig’s K-cups are made of plastic which contains chemicals such as BPA,BPF, BPS, and phthalates which are all known endocrine disruptors. These chemicals have all been known to contribute to weight gain, hormone imbalance, and even fertility issues. When hot water passes through the plastic K-cup, the hot liquid allows for more plastic chemicals to be leeched right into… you guessed it… your coffee. Not to mention the plastic cups create an incredible amount of plastic waste each year considering they are not recyclable or biodegradable.

2. Aluminum

The lid of these cups are made with aluminum. Aluminum has been linked to depression, anxiety, autism, autoimmune disease, and even Alzheimer’s disease. Aluminum being present in your coffee is something that could be easily avoided but impossible to avoid if using K-cups.

3. Mold

Ok so this is an issue with most coffee makers but has been consistently found in Keurig’s and single pod coffee makers. These machines make great environments for mold, algae, mildew, and biofilms to develop. Hot water and the acidity of your coffee is not enough to kill them making it a dangerous place to make your coffee.

So what can you use in place of your Keurig that can still provide you with a convenient and delicious cup of coffee? Long behold, allow me to introduce to you… The French Press

My all time favorite appliance. They are cheap, easy to use, and make your coffee taste better than ever before. A fresh cup of coffee that can be made almost as easily as a Keurig cup of coffee. I buy my favorite coffee grounds once a week and scoop a few tablespoons into my French Press. Then I add some hot water that I heat up in my electric kettle. I let the hot water set for a few minutes and then… press (get it? French Press). I would have done this years ago had I known how easy it actually is to use. Nothing tastes better than a cup of coffee in the morning- so make sure you give yourself the cup of coffee you deserve. A healthy, chemical free version.. because you’re worth it!

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