Tonight I’m feeling sick. Do you consider yourself sensitive? Perhaps I’m overly. But sometimes it really just gets to me. Everything. Life. Just hurts sometimes. I dwell on things that don’t really even pertain to me. How can the world be so cruel? I may even mourn for people more than they mourn for themselves. I’m a self diagnosed empath I suppose. I consider it to be my best attribute but also my worst nightmare. Sometimes all of the world’s problems swell up in my head like a thousand bees. Sting, sting, sting. One after another. Until finally I fall asleep. How can someone that so desperately wants to change the world not even know where to start? You start right here. Where you can, with what you have. Save yourself first. You can’t help others if your wounds aren’t healed. Keep chugging along- small victories in a world that tells you those don’t matter. Here we go again

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