Why I Smudge

How hippie-dippie of me, smudging the whole damn house. Let me first tell you when and why I smudge. I am a homebody. I enjoy spending the majority of my time in my safe place. With that being said, my energy takes over my space- always my good energy vs. my bad energy. Lately I have been bringing a lot of my bad energy into the home (unintentionally). I try to keep my bathroom and bedroom free of frustrations so I can take care of myself in a really positive and pure way there. By this I mean that I keep them organized, free of clutter, clean, and very welcoming to myself. The bathroom should only be used for cleansing and purifying and washing away the bad energy of your day. The bedroom should only ever be used for two things- sleep and winky face. Since I have been busy with work and taking care of my baby, I sometimes naturally forget to keep my space sacred. Hence why I smudge. It helps me clear my mind, clear my space, and gives me a chance to reset- mentally and physically. Purifying the air and my mind. Always be sure to open windows before, after, and during a Smudge session to clear the energy in your sacred space. Have you ever tried to Smudge in your home? If so, tell me about your experience!

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