Creating The Web

Before I decided to embark on this journey, I sat down with a piece of pen and paper and began to draw a web. In the center of the page I chose my goal. Written in thick black sharpie with a big circle around it said “My Nontoxic Life”. That was what I wanted and needed most for myself. I was sick of living a life that didn’t showcase my true authentic self. Then I separated that into two different components. To the left I drew a circle around the words “My Mental Health” and to the right, I wrote “My Physical Health”. From there, words, phrases, ideas, and plans flooded the page. I created a template for myself to guide me and help me become the woman I so desperately wanted to be. I tried to follow my recommendations and admittedly failed more times than a handful- but each time I learned from it and tried harder. We never stop making mistakes. That’s the funny thing about being human. We can, however, learn from our humanness and make better choices that reinforce our good feelings instead of the bad. If you were to draw a web of your own, what would be front and center of the page? What would your main goal be? And what components of your life would you need to explore and work on to reach that goal? Start there. With a pen and paper- and watch your words come to life.

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