Bodily Awareness: What The Body Already Knows

This blog post is an experiment for me. I want to try and see if I can tap into your “felt sense” and make you feel something just by reading this post. This is NOT a mental experiment. Believe it or not, this should be a physical experiment for you. This is testing your bodily awareness for a specific situation or person. We all have this what I like to call “internal aura” that encompasses everything that we feel and know about something. It communicates to us all at once. It’s a rush of feelings rather than detail by detail. This is a deep down level of awareness we have within us that often comes to us as a single bodily feeling. It can feel calming, puzzling, gut wrenching. Here is the experiment. Think of two people that play or have played an important role in your life (good or bad). We will call them Jack and Jill. (Replace those names with your own). Let your mind think for a second about the two. Dwell on Jack. How does your body feel?

Now dwell on Jill.

Different feelings, right?

THAT QUICK. That is your bodily awareness! What you just felt! Your body is able to tell you what it likes and what it rejects. So listen to it! This can be one of your greatest tools to making a change in your life. You didn’t need to sit down and list the pros and cons of each relationship with those people. Your body just collected stored data and gave you the answer you needed. Use this tool in all aspects of your life and trust what your body is telling you. After all, nobody knows you better than YOU.

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