Top 3 Trends That Must Go

1. High WEAVE Ponytail

Sofia Richie turns 21. Monumental. Only because that means I’m getting fucking old. She brings me to my first point and p.s. I’m sorry for the roast. That 21st birthday pony. Some might disagree but for me I can’t get behind this trend. I think a slicked back pony (high or low) is so tasteful- but when you add in the unnatural length it starts to look tacky. <Also want to mention the fact that the fake pony didn’t even match her real hair color..?>. I personally think that the purpose of weave and extensions is to add volume, give some extra length, and blend in with your real hair- to look natural. But this.. you aren’t fooling anyone and we all know you have a head ache from how tightly it is strapped onto your head and the weight tugging on your scalp. Note to Sofia- it’s your birthday and you can cry if you want to but please don’t whip your hair back and forth

2. The “Fila Disruptor” Shoe

Praying that you guys agree because, WTF. You can’t go on your explore page without seeing an Instagram influencer wearing the signature “Fila” tennis shoe. Striking a pose like they have life all figured out. You know what I’m talking about. The only tennis shoe that makes you 5 inches taller. Tragic. I feel like this shoe is the modern day nursing home shoe. I can just smell an old person with a walker coming towards me when I see them. I’m giving you all until the end of 2019 to throw them away. You have 3 months to find a replacement. Good luck

3. Eyelash Extensions

Bad eyelash extensions I should say. Ok so I know some people aren’t going to like this lash bash because some of you can’t live without your lashes- and I understand the convenience of them. Not having to put on strip lashes and deal with the glue and always waking up with your lashes done- The appeal is real. For me though, I think they can be super distracting to a woman’s face. There is something so pretty to me about someone who can accentuate what they have naturally rather than change their entire appearance. I like a super clean and natural look for everyday life and then maybe for a special occasion slap on some strip lashes to change up my look. Ladies, whatever happened to the old saying “less is more”? Let’s bring natural beauty back