Golden Goose

If you haven’t heard of this brand then brace yourselves. Golden Goose is company started by two Venetian designers *oh fancy*. They claim their collection offers “ready to wear footwear combined with a modern style and vintage feeling. What it really is, to me, is a sham. They sell these sneakers at a whopping price tag- starting at $500 and up. The catch? They are already distressed. And by distressed I mean dirty. Dirty-looking I should say. They look like an old rough pair of sneakers or vans you have thrown in the back of your closet that you will never wear again… until now. Golden Goose is making dirty sneakers a thing (which I low key kind of love). Everyday life, especially with kids, is messy and I can’t always keep my white sneakers clean so I’m loving that this could potentially be a new trend. As for me though, Golden Goose, I will not be snagging a pair of these sneakers off the shelves at Nordstrom. Mainly because I already have six DIY pairs in my basement. What do you guys think about this brand? Are we here for it or should we just keep it moving?

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