Advice For Finding The Perfect Pair Of Jeans

We all know what we look good in and what we don’t. For myself, I know exactly what kind of dress will compliment me and I know that jumpsuits will never be my thing. So shopping online isn’t terribly disappointing because I know what I can get away with ordering and what I can’t. So what is the hardest thing to shop for online and in store? Jeans. Jeans are tough. Maybe you can relate- sometimes I will go into a store and be a size 2 and then at another store I’ll be an 8. How? Maybe I gained 10lbs just walking past Auntie Anne’s and smelling the sugar cinnamon pretzels. So my secret to finding the perfect pair of jeans? Higher end consignment shops. Yes. You heard me. The only time in my life that I have owned more than 10 pairs of jeans that I love equally. Why? Because consignment shops offer jeans from all different sizes and brands so you aren’t stuck trying on the same name brand jeans repeatedly. You have such an extensive variety to choose from and 9 times out of 10 the tags are still attached! I pay half the price for jeans that fit me twice as well. Consignment shop-shopping for jeans is a great tool to have access to all your favorite brands and get a feel for what style works best for you! Happy shopping! Feel free to message me and ask me what my favorite consignment shops are for jeans! I’d love to share!

P.S. My jeans on Instagram are from H&M. A consignment shop find for only $15!

Oversized GAP Jeans for $15
Free People Jeans for $15

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