Do Better. Be Better

Today I was going through a self check out line at the store. “Please see an associate” waves across the machine. Fuck. I’m sorry that you can’t process that I am bagging and scanning at the same time. I’m busy- hence why I opted for “speedy checkout”. Not quite. While I was waiting I saw an older woman scanning receipts and checking carts before people left the store. I was fixated on her for some reason as I waited for an associate to come save me. She seemed so gentle and sweet. I smiled just watching. Immediate mood shift. A red headed girl came pushing past the worker moving at an aggregated pace. The older lady asked for her receipt. She pulled it out of her purse and threw it at her. Threw it at her! And then ripped it out of her hand, then pushed the woman out of her way. I got red in the face. All I could think is how could you be so cruel? To a kind, innocent woman? I immediately went over to her and asked her if she was ok. She replied “I was only trying to do my job”. I hugged her and said “You can’t choose how people treat you, you can only choose how you respond to them”. I wanted her to feel my love and kindness to neutralize that awful moment she must have experienced. Life is hard- but being kind is easy. This post was supposed to be about something completely different but my heart did the typing- y’all are savages. Goodnight diary

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