Why I’m Sad Tonight

And by sad I mean sick. SB 276 has been signed by Gavin Newsom, governor of California. What is SB 276? It is a bill pertaining to the medical exemptions of immunizations. This bill states that if a child has a bad reaction to a vaccine, they are still required by law to continue to receive the vaccine in order to still attend school regardless of any circumstance. A doctor cannot give a medical exemption for any child that has adverse reactions. Listen closely to what I am about to type. This is the start of something big. Something tyrannical. Something that is going to be far beyond anything we can control. Parents and guardians- you should be scared for your children tonight. This is not a battle of who vaccinates vs. who chooses not to vaccinate. This is a fight for our medical freedom. For your child’s medical freedom. How did medical protocols become one size fits all? What if all children can’t handle the same “vaccination schedule” they are required to follow? Then what? How can the government override YOUR medical choices? Land of the Free? I think not! This bill is unethical. Unconstitutional. This is about our MEDICAL FREEDOM. BODY AUTONOMY. INFORMED CONSENT. SOVEREIGNTY OVER OUR OWN BODY. It is preserving our right to CHOOSE. Let me choose what is best for my child. After all, it is MY CHILD. On that note blog… Goodnight. Sleep tight. Don’t let the government steal your human rights!

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