Red Light Theory

A concept I developed for myself years ago that I continue to implement into my life. I used to stay up late- Really late. Transitioning into adulthood and being on the cusp of child to teenager. I remember getting my license and driving myself to high school everyday (a 45 minute commute to the city). I would fall asleep with my head on my laptop at 3am and be up at 6am to shower (sometimes) and then leave for school. I can feel the heat on my cheeks just thinking about the total anger that would come over me when I would hit a red light. And then another. Maybe catch a green light. And then.. yellow light, red light, stop. Late for school again. My reason? Red lights. I would tell the secretary everyday “my luck, my luck. I must have hit every single red light on my way into the city!”. The anxiety of being late, speeding down the highway, crossing my fingers there wasn’t an accident, having to get my mom to call once again to get me out of trouble for being late every single day. I was self sabotaging myself. We can be so self sabotaging. One day it clicked. I developed the red light theory~ for myself. Something that wouldn’t take effect until I would graduate from high school and have my own appointments and obligations. It started with an earlier bedtime. Reading a book that would soothe me to sleep and put the blue screen down. Setting an alarm that would allow me to have enough time to be prepared for my day. Have my bags packed, keys where they belong, phone charged- whatever I needed to have a great day with as little frustrations as possible. Be a better mother to yourself. Treat yourself with kindness and prevent anger in your life in whatever way you can. You control how your day goes. Don’t be a “why me” type of person. It’s not to late to find a better way of living- a sweeter way of living. Change your perspective and it will change your life.

Red Light Theory

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