Publishing My Thoughts

For years now I have struggled to put myself out there. Always afraid of rejection and failure. The reason why I never gave college a second chance (I could hear my mom saying “Autumn, I just can’t help you anymore. I can’t figure it out for you”. The reason why I quit posting singing videos (I picked apart everything I did and decided it just wasn’t good enough). The reason I keep my life private (for fear people will see me fall apart). How could anyone be vulnerable in this “highlife reel” era? I’ve carried these worries on my shoulders for far too long. Exhausted from trying to impress people that don’t even know what my skin feels like. I’m free and open to rejection. I’ve learned how to live with pain- I learned that pain is transferable. I’m proud of this blog because it is a representation of movement. A step forward. Successful or not, but what defines success anyway? I am finally putting myself out there. Publishing my thoughts one post at a time. Hello my dear diary

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