About Me

Welcome to Yummy Mummy! My name is Autumn Rhodes and this is my online diary where I document all of the things I find on my journey through life. My intent for this blog is to connect human beings- to discuss differences and commonality. Create a platform where vulnerability is preferred. 

On this blog I will ask questions, bring up controversial topics, touch upon femininity. I will share bits of my personal life, my happy thoughts, and my bad thoughts. My goals, my dreams, my fears. Psychology, sexuality, sensuality. My recipes, Motherhood, baby food, baby poo. Expression of self, exploration of self, conscious living, stories, wellness, and health. 

This is an outlet- for me and for you. So let’s collaborate. Together we can travel through life with beauty and grace. I hope to inspire you and for you to inspire me. We can take it one step at a time. Let’s remind each other daily – that each moment is a chance to do better// and be better. 

-love & light,

Beau’s mama

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