Simple Baby Booties

Like most people, I like to scroll through the various apps on my phone when I’m bored and I spend a lot of time on Pinterest. I’m not tech savvy and I don’t particularly care about trends, so I’m always late to the game when it comes to new social media apps. I’ve only recently started using Pinterest and it took me a couple of weeks to even understand the point but I now happily sit and scroll through all the relentless images of self-help and DIY projects. My husband would literally spend hours on Pinterest looking at various home improvement ideas, so we have a long list of projects waiting to be done such as home made bedframes, composting bins and home energy ideas. Oh joy!

What I have found helpful now that I’ve started sewing, are all the free patterns that can be found with a simple swipe of the finger. I am now regularly saving sewing ideas to my boards in the hope that I will find some time to make ruffled skirts, baby ponchos and adorable dresses. One of the projects that I attempted to make was a pair of fleece baby boots. I find that my little girl is constantly taking her socks off and kicking away any form of shoe I try to get on her tiny feet but I still wanted to try and make something that would keep her little toes warm while we are out walking during the freezing winter days.

So I found, what I thought was a relatively easy guide to making booties and picked up some tartan fleece material and a white fluffy fabric for lining. I cut out my pieces and set to work at the sewing machine excited to see the finished boot. Now, I class myself as someone with a reasonable level of intelligence but I struggled to understand the wording of the instructions. I found myself holding up pieces and repeatedly turning them over and over in order that I could sew the ‘right’ side to the ‘outer’ side or was that the lining side? I had to sew some sides, but not every side and then turn it inside out. Then pin the outer part to the sole piece or was that the lining? I still don’t know. When I got to the end of the first boot, I turned it inside out hoping to see my completed boot and immediately realised I had done the whole thing the wrong way round. Duh! As you can see from the picture, I now have one boot of each fabric.

It took another attempt to get it right and I’m a little embarrassed to say that I almost made exactly the same mistake twice! But after some trial and error, and some more errors, I finally ended up with some little fleecy booties that my darling honey-bun joyfully pulls off completely ignorant of the effort it took to make them. I think my next sewing project will be something simple like a blanket or a pillow case.

The Unexpected Gift

Yesterday my husband came from work with a Christmas present from one of his work colleagues. His colleague is a crafty lady, in that she likes to make homemade gifts such as wreaths, decorations and those wooden signs with quotes. When he opened the sparkly gift bag we found two decorated Christmas jars (picture included) which are now sitting up on our mantle next to baby Jesus.


The same lovely lady had given us a house warming present only a few weeks earlier therefore it was necessary for us to return the gesture. We looked at each other blankly as it was too late to pop out to the shops and my husband normally starts his day at 6am, so the only option to provide a gift for the following day was to find something in the house. Now i know that no one reading this would dare think about re-gifting or potentially wrapping up something they’ve had for years as gift, it’s just our despicable behavior 😉 We wondered around the house looking for a gift idea but came up with nothing until i ventured into the spare room where i keep my sewing supplies. It occurred to me that a few weeks prior i had purchased a bag full of fabric cutoffs for only $10.

Frantically, i hunted for the bag and started to rifle through to find any suitable material that i could use as a potential gift. Thankfully, i came across some cream cotton, a beige shimmery fabric and a lovely piece of lace that had a gold sheen. I instantly thought of making an infinity scarf as i had seen numerous pins showing how simple they are to make and at once i reached for the scissors and set to work.

Now, for the experienced sewing masters reading this, I know an infinity scarf is incredibly simple and requires very little skill but this was still my first attempt at making one and i had the added pressure of it being a gift. I didn’t want to hand over an inadequate piece of rubbish to the kind lady that had taken the time to make us a unique gift, therefore i took added care with my measurements and stitching until I finished the pictured scarf. It took around an hour to make including cutting the material but once i had finished, i was rather impressed with my work. The plain cream cotton compliments the lace and gold highlights perfectly and i was almost tempted to keep it for myself.

When i returned to the living room brandishing the scarf in one hand and my pride in the other my husband glanced over it and said, “What is it?” I provided a quick demonstration of how to wear an infinity scarf, as he is not fashionably inclined and he validated my efforts with, “it will do.” Men are from Mars, i know but sometimes it would be nice if they spoke Venusian! Processed with Rookie Cam

Anyway, here is my attempt with my first infinity scarf and i hope the poor lady that receives it knows it was either this or a box of bathroom smelly stuff I’ve had since last Christmas! If anyone would like to try making their own scarf there are numerous guides on Pinterest but i have linked one below for convenience.

Have a great Christmas everyone and remember, it’s the thought that counts!!

How to sew an infinity scarf - Make an infinity scarf in just 3 steps! Perfect for a gifts or group craft projects - Melly Sews:

How to Make an Infinity Scarf – in Just 3 Steps




The Sewing Bug

Teddy hamper for my honey-bun.

A photo posted by Yummy Mummy ( on


I recently purchased a sewing machine in a burst of optimism and daydreamed that i would become the nun from ‘The Sound of Music,’ happily singing away while making my little honey-bun dresses from old curtains. At this point I would normally say that the bubble burst with my husband saying, “I told you so.” However, to my great surprise and delight I have taken to sewing like a wobbly child on their first bike! I may still have the stabilizers on, but I’m still enjoying the ride.

After unpacking the machine with it’s bobbins, needles and other parts that I’m pretending i haven’t seen; I eventually sat down and watched the DVD of instructions. Normally I would leave the DVD in the box, quickly scan the instruction manual for useful pictures and then launch into my new found hobby, but sewing machines are not that simple. I quickly became daunted by the levers and bobbins, realizing that i had seriously underestimated the skill involved with navigating the various uses for a sewing machine. These things don’t just sow in lines, there are zig-zags, levers for fabric tension and feet for needles; who knew?

After deciding that i would make a cover for my machine, I made my first mistake by taking a trip to my local Fabricville. To my virgin eyes, the mysterious land of fabric became a treasure trove of fine silks, Italian wool’s and irresistible baby motifs which left me seriously in the red with my pocketbook and my husband! I declared that i would master my sewing machine and become the household of handmade clothes, bags, scarfs, tea-cozy’s and anything else i could make with my hands. I jumped in, feet first and ended up with a wonky machine cover, a slightly bent mermaids tail blanket and the toy hamper in the picture above. (The toy hamper was by far the easiest to make, hence the picture.)

Although my first few attempts have not been entirely successful, I have still decided to march on and struggle through this steep learning curve. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel where there are perfectly hemmed bags with zippers that don’t fall off. Wish me luck!