The Best Chicken Recipe Ever!

Ok, so the title may be a bit confident but if you are a member of my family, you will be well aware that Minner’s Chicken IS the best chicken recipe ever! And as general connoisseurs of food, all food, I think we are on safe ground to make that claim.

Over the past ten years or so, we have all been making Minner’s Chicken for family gatherings, general parties, and weeknight dinners, with no complaints. In fact, my husband loves this dish so much he has requested it as his birthday meal every single year we have been together! He also has a number of other meal requests because he is apparently entitled to a birthday week, not a day. But that said, Minner’s Chicken always leaves plates empty and bellies wanting more.

Now, I haven’t requested anyone’s permission to release this valuable recipe out into the public but as we surely stole it from someone, I’m going to guess that it will only do the world good to share this delicious dish. (To whoever found the recipe first, we applaud and thank you.)

I have absolutely no idea why it’s called ‘Minner’s Chicken’, so please don’t ask but my guess would be that it involves a talented chef called Minner and some rather tasty chicken? 😉 Anyway, the main ingredients are chicken and broccoli, laid side-by-side in a casserole dish and then smothered with a creamy curry sauce which is finally topped with breadcrumbs. Yummm (just having a moment here). I tend to use already cooked chicken that I’ve shredded or cut into chunks but it’s entirely optional.

Another great thing about this recipe, besides it being scrumptious, is that it can be made into a fabulous main meal for guests or trimmed down for a lower calorie weeknight dinner. When I make it during the week I take out the cheese, cream, and breadcrumbs, and simply use the basic ingredients for the sauce which still proves to be tasty. Well, enough of me nattering on, here is the recipe:

Minner’s Chicken


3-4 chicken breasts

1-2 broccoli heads, partially cooked

1 can of condensed cream of chicken soup

A big dollop of mayonnaise

A squeeze of lemon juice

A splash of evaporated milk or cream

A handful of grated cheddar cheese

Half a tablespoon of curry powder

Breadcrumbs mixed with melted butter


Partially boil broccoli and drain. Place cooked chicken and broccoli in a lightly greased casserole dish. In a separate saucepan heat the chicken soup and add the cream, mayonnaise, cheese, lemon juice and curry powder. Mix with a whisk until smooth and then pour over the casserole dish. Melt butter and stir in breadcrumbs which should be generously applied on top of the sauce. Bake in the oven on a medium heat for 20-30mins until the top is golden brown and heated through.

Serve with golden roasted potatoes or rice and enjoy!