Snot and Chicken Soup.

The past few weeks have been an endless onslaught of coughs, colds and runny noses! As those of you with children will know, they pick up something from everyone, whether it’s a new word, gesture or bug that they licked of another babies face. This means there’s a continuous battering of colds, stomach bugs and random vomiting that plagues your life and health. Play dates are canceled, swimming is banned and you try hard to avoid anyone in fear of spreading or receiving more contaminants.

For the first ten months I breastfed my honey-bun, so she managed to fight off any sickness but we have recently come out of quarantine after enduring a cold that wiped us all out. At first it was a runny nose and a few coughs which progressed into a fever, an endless stream of green slime and a very grumpy baby. It was hard not to feel sorry for her when she repeatedly rubbed boogers into her fine blonde hair and coughed like a 50 year old smoker but then we all came down with it. Through blurry eyes, red noses and serious amounts of cough syrup, we cuddled and tried hard not to kill each other though none of us could sleep.

My little girl rolled around, hacking and breathing like Darth Vader while we did the same until the fever broke, the cough calmed and the chicken soup had run out. Pretty much all of my tops were covered in random streaks of snot from where she used my shoulder as a tissue and I couldn’t blame her as I didn’t want her little nose getting sore from Kleenex wiping.

We have all been through one of these times but having a sick child thrown into the mix just makes everything feel worse, never mind if it’s more than one! Now every time she coughs or sneezes I fear the possibility of another stomach wrenching bug. Apparently young children get sick 8-10 times a year. A year! I might as well buy some black wreaths, burn some incense and put a sign outside the door to announce the arrival of small pox. A tad dramatic, but seriously I don’t know if my sanity will cope if those figures turn out to be correct.

Thankfully, I don’t have to worry about daycare and calling in sick to work but if I did, all of my personal days and potentially vacation would be used on looking after a sick child. She’s cute but not that cute! All I can say after my complaining, is a serious shout out to the people who work and have young, bug infested children. To all the single parents who have enough on their plates and then have to cope with a sick child and to anyone thinking about having kids…8-10 times a year people!

Spirit Come

A very talented friend of mine, Katie Overbeek, has recently released an album on iTunes and I have asked her to share a little about the new album for the blog. I have heard Katie sing and play the piano, so I can honestly say that she has the voice of an angel and an unmatched level of determination to make her dreams become a reality. Through years of loyal service as a worship leader, crowd funding and balancing life with young children, Katie has been able to take her passion and produce a beautiful album that reflects her love and faith.

Here’s a little snippet of her journey and a link to the album:

“Two years ago this coming May I had the opportunity to go on a retreat in North Carolina. Coming back from that retreat, I had one of those kind of extraordinary moments of clarity that come from time to time in life and I had a strong feeling or intuition, I guess you could say, about writing a fresh set of songs and taking them to the recording studio.

It didn’t make any sense.  We had no money – and I had no songs!  It had been almost a decade since my first recording project and I hadn’t exactly made a career out of it.  My twenties were predominantly spent running a business (music teaching) and parenting.  Lots of kids.  Kids everywhere.  All the time.

I am a worship leader in my local church, and have written a number of songs that we have sung together as a congregation but the songs that I began to write from that point were a mix of congregational songs and more stripped down, acoustic and raw expression of my personal faith.

As with anything that’s really worth doing, the process was long and painful and full of unexpected twists and turns.  We stepped into it not having a penny to put towards it.  And things definitely did NOT fall together right away.  In fact, in the year following the initial crowd-funding campaign, we experienced more pressure on our finances and more anxiety and difficulty than we ever have.  For a while we weren’t sure if we’d be able to pay our own bills, let alone complete this project.

A little over 18 months from the time it was just a dream in my head, I now hold the album in my hands and I can’t help but feel an immense sense of gratitude for every single person who helped make it happen, whether financially or creatively.  This album isn’t about making money.  It’s not about getting attention.  It’s simply what I did when I felt God speak to me.

Something I’ve learned from this process is that the best dreams require a community of people walking with you. We aren’t meant to figure this all out alone! 🙂

The album is now available on iTunes via the link below:

If you would like to know more about Katie’s story you can catch up with her at: