Yesterday we had an unexpected downfall of snow. The weather man predicted some light flurries which turned into a full blown blizzard dumping buckets of snow and keeping us trapped inside for most of the day. Granted, at this time of the year every one is hoping for a white Christmas and the picturesque white covering that sugars the trees adds a cold beauty that is needed during this dark season.

The full day passed uneventfully until the power went out at 7pm, leaving us in darkness. A various array of scented candles were lit and the drawers were searched for our torch lights until an amber cinnamon laced glow filled the recreational room where our wood stove is located. Eager to fire-up the stove, my husband secured our source of heat and we sat happily playing cards for the first hour or so until we raided the fridge and munched on leftover party treats.

A few hours passed with us becoming more surprised that the power was not back on but we still enjoyed our unexpected quiet time. Our wifi was down and obviously the TV was off so we curled up in front of the laptop and watched one of the few movies we had on our old computer, Speed. We giggled our way through Keanu Reeves’ bad acting and then headed to bed. The house had considerably cooled even with the wood stove burning away in the basement so we all curled up together under the blankets and drifted off to sleep. My honey-bun normally sleeps fine in her own crib, but tucked up next to me she rolled around and endlessly slapped me in the face. At one point she had fallen asleep, mouth open on top of my husbands cheek.

In the morning, after a very sleepless night, I was surprised to find a message from my neighbor across the road inviting us to wait out the power cut at their house. We had never met this neighbor before but somehow they had been able to find us on Facebook and offer their help as they still had power. I was truly touched to think that relative strangers had gone to such a length to find and help a family they didn’t even know.

All in all, we had a lovely romantic evening snuggling in the candlelight and enjoying some much needed down time. We now have befriended our neighbors and extended our gratitude for their kind offer and hope that the next time we have a storm we might be able to return the favor.

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