The Sewing Bug

Teddy hamper for my honey-bun.

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I recently purchased a sewing machine in a burst of optimism and daydreamed that i would become the nun from ‘The Sound of Music,’ happily singing away while making my little honey-bun dresses from old curtains. At this point I would normally say that the bubble burst with my husband saying, “I told you so.” However, to my great surprise and delight I have taken to sewing like a wobbly child on their first bike! I may still have the stabilizers on, but I’m still enjoying the ride.

After unpacking the machine with it’s bobbins, needles and other parts that I’m pretending i haven’t seen; I eventually sat down and watched the DVD of instructions. Normally I would leave the DVD in the box, quickly scan the instruction manual for useful pictures and then launch into my new found hobby, but sewing machines are not that simple. I quickly became daunted by the levers and bobbins, realizing that i had seriously underestimated the skill involved with navigating the various uses for a sewing machine. These things don’t just sow in lines, there are zig-zags, levers for fabric tension and feet for needles; who knew?

After deciding that i would make a cover for my machine, I made my first mistake by taking a trip to my local Fabricville. To my virgin eyes, the mysterious land of fabric became a treasure trove of fine silks, Italian wool’s and irresistible baby motifs which left me seriously in the red with my pocketbook and my husband! I declared that i would master my sewing machine and become the household of handmade clothes, bags, scarfs, tea-cozy’s and anything else i could make with my hands. I jumped in, feet first and ended up with a wonky machine cover, a slightly bent mermaids tail blanket and the toy hamper in the picture above. (The toy hamper was by far the easiest to make, hence the picture.)

Although my first few attempts have not been entirely successful, I have still decided to march on and struggle through this steep learning curve. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel where there are perfectly hemmed bags with zippers that don’t fall off. Wish me luck!

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  1. Charlie (mum of a beautiful daughter and twin boys😱) says:

    Love this 🙂 can we see the mermaid blanket. I plan on lots more sewing when the boys go to school 🙂

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