Say Cheese!

T’is the season for the inevitable family Christmas photo, whether you opt for an all inclusive family shoot or just one cute child on the front of your Christmas card, it always brings out the smiles, groans and cries of everyone involved.

This year we decided to go big and use the opportunity to get a family photo shoot taken by a professional photographer in her private studio. Having had a bad experience with our wedding photos, we decided that we would take the time to do some extra research and hunt down a professional with glowing reviews. We found a lady not to far from home and her portfolio showed the usual happy squidgy babies wrapped in soft linens and lying peacefully asleep without a diaper in sight. The aim for us was to get a great family picture so that we could get a large canvas print made for the dining room, therefore we didn’t want anything that was obviously just for Christmas as we needed it to look good all year round. Thankfully, when we arrived at the studio our photographer had laid out several versatile outfits for our little one which mainly consisted of a plain white dress and soft textured blankets which meant that we could use the included picture as a Christmas card.

For the first couple of pictures our little one smiled happily until boredom hit in and then we all pranced around like buffoons to keep the giggles rolling. Outfit changes added needed distractions and the occasional chew toy provided helpful moments of peace while we put on our happy faces for the camera.

After only two weeks, we had our digital copies from the photographer which looked amazing. We had paid a considerable amount for our 40 minute shoot which we thought was a reasonable price for a professional set-up, however when a friend inquired as to the cost, she looked at me as though i had lost my mind. They had gone for a Christmas shoot at Costco, which is very reasonably priced and she was perfectly happy with her pictures. However, we wanted something that would be the pride and joy of our living space for years to come, so for me, it was worth the extra pennies.

Once I had the pictures, I jumped on Vistaprint and got the cutest cards made up which had falling snowflakes all around my little honey-bun. Her gummy little smile in the cotton vest and cap couldn’t be more adorable and I was beyond proud at her precious chubby face. On the back of the cards we printed our family photo so that relatives and friends had an updated image which they could use in picture frames. The site also gives you the option to add a yearly summary of family activities which I know many people do at this time of year.

All in all, our quick photo session was stress free and extremely fruitful. It was perhaps, a little pricey but i know we have images that I will cherish forever. Feel free to share your cute Christmas pictures and any funny anecdotes that you might have from your own family shoot!

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  1. Charlie (mum of a beautiful daughter and twin boys😱) says:

    Can’t wait to see your pics Shel, we haven’t attempted a professional one this year but took me about 200 attempts to get one of my 3 with added Tinsel the elf x

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